Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Fond Farewell to 2009

Regardless of whether you got your butt kicked, or you did the butt-kicking, it has been a very eventful 2009. Personally, I found myself experiencing moments of both, but my feet and butt can both agree that cathartic outlets have been at a premium this year. Many amenities we assumed were given have become casualties of a recession. This year has been an especially good one to learn that if you don't have a passion to fill the space that might be vacated by things (see also stuff), you might not have anything. Hold on to Health, Happiness, Music and Love this year. Thanks for sharing the tail end of 2009 with me here at Every Day, Another Song. I'll let the King of Pop (Bubbles rest his soul) play this year off. Be safe, I want to see you tomorrow in one piece.

Song #29: Michael Jackson - Rock with You

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