Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diet Shooting Stars

Woops, somehow I accidently reposted RastaMon-Day's Barrington Levy Post, but you guys already know that Reggae is only for Mondays. Hopefully I can get that taken care of, even though I am very very new to Blogspot and could use a little help if anyone is experienced enough. I am also looking for anyone with decent HTML skills to help me get a little more consistency in these posts. If you are interested please contact me.

Moving on, I saw this picture today on the ole' interwebs... These are acoustic listening devices created by the Dutch army as part their defense systems research between World Wars I and II. Really they just look like the headphones I rocked in High School.

Anyway the other day I received word that, the late indie-composer, Elliott Smith, had all of his independent label released, reissued by the ironically named Kill Rock Stars Records. The are re-releasing his amazing eponymous record and Either/Or as well as other lesser compilations both on CD and VINYL!! I went to the site yesterday and picked up Vinyl copies of both (even though they are currently out of Either/Or which is dumb because "Elliott Smith" is way better) and I am super excited for them to come. I haven't really listened to Elliott Smith since college, except for the other day when out of nowhere, my alarm clock which is set to an international station just for kicks woke me up to Smith's super melancholy track, "Between the Bars"

Song #15: Elliott Smith - Single File

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