Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Moon

For about a year the lovely lunar experience known intimately as The Moon has descended upon the Royal Oak lounge in Williamsburg. Hosted by the hilarious and multi-talented Nat Towsen and his and baby-faced scamp of a co-host Bob Walles, The Moon has been the highlight of my week, twice a month, for the whole year. In fact here is Bob interviewing my dog, Tia a month or two ago...

The Moon is an old school, legitimate variety show showcasing of some of the best Stand-Up Comedy/Sketch Comedy/Music/Dance/Vaudeville Acts/Robots working today. You can check out a collection of their videos here, and a seperate website dedicated to their ongoing, 44 Part Series about the 44th President, here.

A tight cult following has watched as The Moon grew over this last year and in honor of their 2009 finale, today's song is dedicated to them. Good luck tonight Moonkids.

The (presumably) Unofficial theme song to The Moon is the song of the day. Enjoy!

Song #13: Baby Huey & The Babysitters - Hard Times

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