Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry Cleveland

Sorry Cleveland.

It appears that I have been receiving a little bit of heat for a comment I made in last Sunday's Bone Thugs Post. Apparently some of my Ohio friends were mad that I called their city the "worst ever." To be fair, as a Columbus Man, I only made a few trips up to Cleveland, but most of the time spent, was listening to my hosts complain about how bad it sucks.

It can't be that bad, except that Cleveland has never won a professional sports title in anything ever, and they are usually ranked among the Top 10 Most obese cities. Basically, Cleveland is the Ralph Wiggum of cities.
All in all, I have actually had some great times up in "the Land" and I look forward to going back and seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Congratulations to recent inductee Jimmy Cliff), Bone Thug's neighborhood at St. Clair and anything involving LeBron James.

In hopes to smooth things over with an entire population, I present to you, one of Cleveland's finest exports, Joe Walsh and James Gang doing a furiously trippy version of their song Walk Away.

Song #14: James Gang - Walk Away

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