Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ballad of The Blumstar

Once, a long, long time ago... This man promised me he would be a Senator. We were sitting around a table in a youth hostel in Montreal in 2003 and still to this day I believe him.

Looking back, I have known Andrew since the last Millenium, and granted, a lot has changed since then, but the allure of the Blumstar never wains. Was it the time he shared a drank with that Hobo, or the time we convinced a hacky-sack circle that Andrew was so good only because he was in a terrible boating accident and he had a cadaver bone-graft that made his leg extra flexible? Maybe it was the time we brought him to a bar for the first time and we couldn't bring him to the second floor without being tackled by adoring fans, or  even his world shattering rendition of "Shoe and Pillow," but it seems to be more than that. This post 9/11 Philosopher, this "Neo-Lebowski" if you will, unphased by the modern out of touch habits of today's iFake Humanoids, remains an endangered species in a world of Twitter-Suicide Fameballs and Day-Glo Hispter Marshmallows. There is just so much more to be said about a person of such valor, but there just simply isn't enough time, so I have put the rest of his information in a list of bullet points to give you the gist...

Sometimes it is a difficult path he faces, but he must continue to blaze his trail so that we may be reminded of what is best about Mankind.

On an unrelated note, don't forget to vote for the first ever Cover Clash below. See you tomorrow.

Song #55: Sublime - Greatest Hits

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  1. Haha I really enjoyed reading this. Now I have to track down Andrew's post on you!