Friday, January 29, 2010

Philly (Part I)

ROAAADDDDD TRIPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! I am going to Philadelphia for the weekend to visit the afformentioned Blumstar and my other pal who's a Rocket Scientist. No wonder they call it the city of Brotherly Love (actually comes from Greek; Phila, from Philos meaning Love, and Delphia, coming from Adelphos, meaning Brother).

As long as I'm there, I will be playing music from Phamous Philadelphians. Our first song comes from MFSB(Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers), the 30 some-odd piece orchestra that played behind almost all of the Big Hitters of the Philadelphia Soul Sound. It served as the theme for the TV mega-hit, Soul Train.

Here, with by far the best video to grace this site yet is MFSB with TSOP. Watch through the 2:30 mark where things get really crazy and there's a cameo from an extremely young and limber Rosie Perez.

Assuming I don't get beat up for being a Mets Fan... More Philly tomorrow.

Song #58: MFSB - TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)

2/1/2012 UPDATE: I almost died on this trip in a snowplow crash. Ask Andrew or Peter.


  1. Awesome sampling it.....too bad Teddy Mac is SLACKIN on my letter

  2. I have such a ridiculous crush on Rosie Perez('s accent)

  3. Have fun in Philadelphia! Don't forget Jill Scott and The Roots.