Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End of Ladies Week

Ladies Week has been a great success in terms of decreasing the gender gap here at Every Day, Another Song. Obviously there are still many many women that have not yet been represented, but Marcia, Amy, Janis, Dolly, Nina and Yoko, have all had a large impact on my life, as well as many others, by helping to liberate women from any form of musical subjugation they may have endured. As a small token of my appreciation, today (01/10/10) EDAS is exclusively made up of the fairer sex.

Our final female has done the same for a different sphere of music, and in fact there could not be a more appropriate song to come on Biggie Sunday. Christopher Wallace's first hit came by piggybacking on the success of Mary J. Blige's song "Real Love." In 1993, a remix version was released with a short verse by Biggie Smalls (a name he would have to give up when he discovered it was already in use, probably because it's the name of a fictitious Gangster in Bill Cosby's 1975 Film, Let's Do It Again, which I HIGHLY recommend) which helped Blige's Whats the 411 sell millions of copies. It also put a little known rapper, newly named The Notorious B.I.G. and his scrappy producer, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs on the map. Within a year, Biggie released his eternal masterpiece Ready to Die and took his place atop the throne as the King of Rap forever. Not to be outdone, Mary Jane Blige continued her success, blossoming into what Diddy dubbed, "The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul." She has won 9 grammy's and sold over 65 million records worldwide. Even though she now spends more of her time as a producer and Actor, you can still hear that great voice that was bestowed on this little girl born in the Bronx. This one, as they all do, goes out to Big

Song #38: Mary J. Blige featuring Biggie Smalls - Real Love Remix

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