Monday, January 11, 2010

Necessary Rambunctiousness

Even though the gender gap has been slightly equalized, it's only fair for a little bit of Boy Pride. Listening to this song, I can really empathize with the demasculinization of boys in society. Apparently if they like running around, or being at all rambunctious, they are labeled as Bad or during my adolescence, ADD Positive. As an attendee of NYC public schools I can safely say, most teachers would have been happier in a class full of Girls. Obviously I am not a leading mind on the subject, but I can say from experience, that being a rough and tumble kid never got anyone into any real trouble. Plus we all have to grow up someday, why does it matter so much what we grow up from?

Anyway, here are a few blokes who were troublemakers far into their adult lives, trashing hotel rooms, smashing guitars, and blowing up drum sets. Actually maybe boys (myself included) are too much trouble.

Song #39: The Who - I'm a Boy

P.S. Sorry about Rasta Monday. I felt like this song was a more appropriate first song back from Ladies Week, plus I kinda just wasn't feeling it. Tune in next week for a reggae post twice as good as usual.

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