Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the Meantime

I have a very vivid memory of driving through non-gentrified Soho in 1995 with my father, and my friend at the time, Andres (aka Gonzo) listening to this song on Z100. If I were to try to remake that entire scene, to quote Led Zeppelin, only "the song remains the same." None of those things are anything like they were back then, except the song.

Spacehog is back on tour, with a stop this weekend at the Studio at Webster Hall, which I will definitely be attending. On one of their (if not the) last tours, they embarked along side two of the best bands of our time on the Tour of Brotherly Love. Sharing the stage with fellow dysfunctional family bands, Oasis and The Black Crowes, I am in a constant state of regret that I didn't bring my teenage behind to see them at Radio City Music Hall.

I have also heard rumblings that this 90's alternitive classic will be featured in an upcoming Guitar Hero game, which is also awesome because Bassist/Lead Singer/Liv Tyler's Ex Husband Royston Langdon, lays down one of my favorite bass grooves of the pre-lennium. Good luck with the Lyrics though. Anyway here is one of top cult favorite bands, Spacehog, with their biggest hit "In The Meantime."

Song #40: Spacehog - In The Meantime

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  1. How was the show? I didn't make it out to Webster Hall, but I used to go see these guys play all the time back in the day.