Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Seriously... Go to Rehab

Say what you will about Amy Winehouse, but she may have the best voice of the millennium. Unfortunately for her (and her fans), she is currently going down a similarly destructive path as some of the other contributors to Every Day, Another Song who are no longer with us.

Look at the punim on that beautiful Jewish girl on the right, then look at that horrible stick figure of a bag lady on the left. No one said "Musician" was the healthiest profession, but in this day of 24/7 paparazzi coverage why do we have to wait until something worse happens before we help her. I'm hoping she can pull herself together, put down the crack pipe, and get Back (to Black) in the studio.

Song #34: Amy Winehouse - Love is a Losing Game

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  1. I love how the google ads that pop up are for rehab clinics.