Monday, January 4, 2010

Sausage Fest

So looking through the rapidly growing archives here at EDAS, I noticed that my blog is a complete and utter Sausage Fest. Like a Freshman Year Frat Party, this blog is basically a group of 32 dudes flanking one hot girl, that being Sharon Jones (No, not Freddie Mercury). But this ends TODAY! Women have had an equally big impact on music as their wang-ed counterparts, so they will also have an equally important role in this blog. It is with great pleasure that I present to you the first weekly theme here at Every Day, Another Song...


I love female singers, I went through a phase where I listened exclusively to the Queens of Reggae. So today, Rasta Mon-Day becomes Rasta Woman-Day. Today's song is from one of my all-time favorite talents, Marcia Griffiths. I saw Marcia in January of 2007 at the previously mentioned Alrosa Villa and she completely blew me away. At that point I was only familiar with the work she had done with my personal Reggae Hero, Bob Andy, and her work replacing the Wailers as one of Bob Marley's I-Threes, but seeing her solo was a whole other story. Even in her older years, Ms. Griffiths possessed such a raw soulful power and natural sexiness (see the album cover below) that is rarely attained for a Woman of such talent and class. She quickly became one of my favorite singers. Today's song is the title track from her 1974 Masterpiece, Sweet Bitter Love, a record that I needed to have so badly that I ended up buying it on Ebay from a seller Japan. It took like 10 weeks to arrive, but it was worth every penny, as you can see...

Tune in tomorrow for more of Every Day, Another Song Ladies Week

Song #33: Marcia Griffiths - Sweet Bitter Love

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