Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still in the FUTURE!!!

Something about that newest Significant Digit makes everything still seem so Futurey. So far in 2010 (Twenty Ten) even the most mundane everyday tasks, seem like futurustic, mundane everyday tasks. So on this first Biggie Sunday, while you are enjoying your Space Brunch with Mars Milk and Saturn Rings (Bagels), listen to this amazing track from Long Island's Finest, De La Soul.

I was able to find this ridiculous picture by Googling "Space Bagels"

De La Soul occupies a special place among my favorite rappers. One of the premier groups from (Greater) New York City, De La emphasizes education over violence and building over destroying, especially in their 2004 album, The Grind Date. In fact, that album came at a rather fluid stage at my life, and it helped inspire me to stop being such an aimless bum and become the diligent and hard working man I am today. *cough* *cough*  In a way, De La Soul is Chinua Achebe, and this album is the Things Fall Apart of rap (except for the last section). Anyway, much like the book, the song takes about a minute and a half to really get started, but once it does... You'll know. Oddly enough, they both also feature appearances by Flava Flav.

Song #32: De La Soul - The Future

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