Saturday, February 27, 2010

Light of the Dharma

Today I went to a Buddhist Funeral Service for a close family friend. It was such an amazing and beautiful experience. In Zen Buddhism, after Death, the Soul stays around the earth for 49 days before it is fully incorporated into the endlessness of the universe. On the 49th day, there is a ceremony with an altar and the following sutra, or chant is recited.

Atta Dipa
Anna Sarana

(Look Within)
You are the Light
Dwell here; Do not doubt
You are the Refuge
There is no other Refuge
(Look Within)
Light of the Dharma
Refuge of the Dharma
There is no other Refuge

Craig, or Kyusen actually hand picked most of the service before he passed away, including the music. I would be far pressed to outdo him on his own day of entry into Nirvana, so today's song comes from Craig himself, from the outer reaches of Samsara. Your presence, although now all around us, will still be missed.

Song #87: Leonard Cohen - If It Be Your Will

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  1. Thank you for posting about this on your blog Matt. The description is beautiful and the picture wonderful. I used to sing Atta Dipa to Craig while he lay dying. It's comforting to know that we are the light, it resides within us and we are also within it. We are all glad you were there with us yesterday and are connected to us.
    love, Barbara