Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Snow?

Enough with the snow already Man(/God?/Al Roker)! The only positive from having this "Snowacane" is the perfect segue it presents for this extremely heart-wrenching yet, but also humorously anthropomorphized video.
It was made by a couple of my friends during the last snow. Today's snow is a wetter, wussier, less stickier version, incapable of supporting Snowpeople Relationships. You can catch a bunch of other videos featuring these delightful Moonkids at their Youtube Page, OR at Royal Oak next Tuesday with hilarious guests of assorted talents. I will most likely be there myself.

In constantly repeated news... you know this weeks "Clash" is close, you can vote and see the results on the top right corner of the blog, just a reminder, voting ends on March 1, so Just do it already!

On to today's song... I knew I wanted it to be Snow themed, I knew I wanted it to be not from the 70s, and I was trying to get into a genre or time that is thus far underutilized here at Every Day, Another Song. After much deliberation, I am going back to my roots; to the first Cassette I ever purchased, Pocket Full of Kryptonite. It's not one of the billboard hits off the album, but musically, it far outpaces it's pop bretheren, "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong." Bringin' it back for your 90s reminiscing pleasure, with one of my favorite prolonged introductions of all time, are the Spin Doctors.

Song #85: Spin Doctors - Refrigerator Car

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