Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another new segment here... LMI, or Last Minute Instrumentals. Sometimes our crack writing staff here at EDAS (yours truly) doesnt have enough time to crank out a full back story, so from now on if it gets down to the last minute, I'm just going to throw up an Instrumental track. No words, no real need for explanation... Just enjoy!

Also definitely remember to vote on yesterday's Cover Clash, its a good'un.

Song #80: MF Doom - Sumac Berries


  1. Big Fan of Intrumentals often fit to a particuliar moment in a a soundtrack to one's entire life. The best instrumentals imo are the ones where youre like damn i know what that guys talking about and you feel it even though there is no lyrics and vocals to convey the meaning or emotion

  2. One time I saw Martin Barre, the guitarist for Jethro Tull, performing 30 years after they stopped being relevant. It was great though.

    He said that he liked writing instrumentals, but he always thought naming them was really arbitrary. So, decades after writing the song "French Connection", he had decided to rename it "French Erection".