Monday, February 15, 2010

Really Together, But Not Really

I hope you enjoyed all your respective Valentine's Days (Especially YOU Mongolia... Don't think I didn't see your hit yesterday). I spent my day writing a playlist of "Songs to Make Love To" for another website. You can find that link by clicking the warning sign below, but I warn you the website is of NSFW-ish, Mature subject matter, and the songs are EXTREMELY sexy. Click If You Dare

More importantly, during my research noticed the difference between songs for love, and songs about love. However certain singers or groups (or duos) have the ability to create music so overflowing with emotion, that it contains elements of both romance and seduction. The all time best example of this in my opinion, would have to be the Jamaican Singing team of Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths. Between Bob Andy, who is just an unreal singing, writing and producing talent who played a huge role in the progression Jamaican Music, especially Rocksteady, and Marcia Griffiths, who has already been mentioned multiple times thus far here at EDAS as one of the strongest and sexiest singers in the history of the world. What is more, the sensual synergy between the two of them is palpable, if not borderline transcendent. But as it turns out, it is more of a musical collaboration than a profound relationship, but listening to the beautiful music they made (and gladly still make over 30 years later) still gives me chills and has me thinking second thoughts. How could they possibly sing so intimately together and not fall in love?

Tell me these kids don't look like they are in it Deep.

Maybe I'm wrong, but this song should probably have you thinking otherwise as well. More from my personal reggae hero Bob Andy to come.

Song #75: Bob & Marcia - Really Together

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  1. Matt: With all due respect, how did Barry White not make the list?