Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey all! For the next week, Every Day, Another Song will be taken over by a good friend of mine James "The Beard" Beard. He is holding it down in Brooklyn right now before he sets off to tour Thailand for a month. Since this site is really about the feeling music creates among an international community of people, I decided to let him use my site as a soundboard and then spread the word on his exotic travels. I will see you guys next week with some straight fire. And now the Beard Takeover Begins...
Get your Beards On

A Day Off In The Life of James Beard:
Morning 9:05-11am

Let's give a round of applause to Matt for his great site and for giving me the opportunity to share a little of my life with you beautiful people. I wanted to have a theme for my week and thought it would be fun to treat the entire week as if it was one day in the life of me. So each day I'll share a new song with you that corresponds in my mind to the various times throughout the day. So today will be a morning song, and Saturday will be a go to sleep song. Hope you enjoy.

Song #109: Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

This is my song to conquer the world to. As my mind re-emerges into reality, it starts rolling along a little slow at the draw. Yet it contains a driving force that gets the gears in my body moving until it explodes into a full blown sunrise. But just like the rest of the morning, the explosion moves in a subdued crawl. See you tomorrow for more...


  1. Look at those smooth, milky shoulders.

  2. Only the finest Arabian Oils and Lotions.

    PS: My mom made that (both the Hat & the shoulders)