Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Very Best

A Day Off 
In The Life of James Beard:
Evening 6:00-9:04 pm

I only have seven songs, so there's some missing downtime hours. Let's imagine some smooth jazz playing...baba doo ba ba, ba ba, doo ba ba, ba ba. baba doo baba doo ba doo ba ba... yeah. Feeling fine, red wine time.

Night 9:05 pm-12:00 am

Song #113: The Very Best- Julia

Here are some lyrics from a Magnetic Fields song called "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" that nicely define the right night.
Dance with me my old friend
Once before we go
Let's pretend this song won't end
And we never have to go home
And we'll dance among the chandeliers

I wanted to put this Very Best song here though because they are in fact the very best. Put this on and fall into a wall of sound full of warm african vocals and blasting mashup beats. Really makes you want to move in that core primal way where you're not paying attention to what you're doing, just moving and having fun.

Speaking of The Very Best, one night walking home with two friends, one suggested they stop at my place and hang out and listen to this album, "Warm Heart of Africa". It was the first time I heard this terrific group and these people are two of my favorites whom I dont get to see that much and even less so now. So it was a nice moment in time and a great musical find I'd like to thank them for.

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