Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This evening I got home from work and immediately fell asleep until now (possibly still Jetlag, but more likely due to an extremely rowdy Sake Bombing session last night. Damn you Freddy and Llama!!). If you were hypothetically in a situation where light or loud music was painful to you, this smooth little jam will suit you just fine.

Today's song is a huge favorite of mine of Blind Melon's first album. Sleepyhouse was the name of the family home in Durham, North Carolina that the band moved into to write songs for their self titled debut. It's probably one of the reasons there is so much chemistry in the band.

" in that house for a couple of months was like being in a band for 5 years..."
Guitarist, Christopher Thorn
This is a layout of the house made by the drummer, Glen Graham (super underrated as a percussionist); Thanks to for the pic

Think of it as the 90's Alt version of The Band moving into the Big Pink.

Song #257: Blind Melon - Sleepyhouse

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