Friday, April 26, 2013

GG DOOM Update. Grip Grand talks to #EDAS!

MF Doom, The Super Duper Villian
Bad news folks. After only a day or two of life for Grip Grand's newest, MF DOOM waged and won a battle, forcing a legal takedown of their unrequited collaboration, GG DOOM! But How?. I reached out to  the man himself to see what was up with the situation and I got a response later that day:
I'm in the hospital all week with my new (second) baby. It may be too late if your post is already up, but DOOM's people made me take down the album, apologies. The videos are still on YouTube... for now. I expect they won't be for long. In the meantime, there's ten-plus years of other Grip Grand music to be found at Thanks again for the support and for listening to my music.
Peace and respect,
Grip Grand
This guy has nothing to apologize for other than being a class act and an incredibly talented artist. He's also smart... By producing both MF Doom Remixes and Babies, his catalog is diversified enough that the SuperVillian can't take it all away. Check out his robust vaults of music (I see you, Boner Jams '03) by clicking any underlined blue words in this post OR the pic of lil' Baby Grand #1 below. Once you are there, buy a bunch of his music to make sure Baby #2 gets to be put into a box full of records as well.

Baby Grand
GG DOOM - Genie in a Bottle


  1. As of this writing, you can still find a link for #GGDOOM at (really ?!?!) or so go get it while you can. All hail DOOM!

  2. while i dig these mixes, it's kinda obvious doom's people didn't make gg pull this stuff, it's all a publicity stunt so he can promote his own music. first of all, doom's people couldn't care less about fanmade mixes or else half the fucking internet would be deleted. second, i highly doubt doom even knows about this album, let alone cares about its existence. it's a free mp3 album so why would he give a shit? but instead of being doom remix album # 43364646, it happens to be "the ONE and ONLY -- EVER -- that Doom had deleted!" so blogs would write about it. and it worked.

    still good mixes though.