Monday, May 13, 2013

500th Post // Name That Face!!

After running through some analytics, it has come to my attention that this right here, is Every Day Another Song's 500th Post! I remember when I started this music discovery site, I was just a man with a dream and a whole bunch of music to ramble on about. Now, almost three and a half years later, I can barely count all the unique experiences I have shared with some of the most talented and nicest people in the music industry today. 
500 was my Number
I wouldn't have been able to persevere through all the late nights (and subsequent rough mornings) if it were not for all the hard-working PR firms that continue to get me on these lists, my rag-tag guest writers, my friends, family and finally, the tens of thousands of EDAS readers who keep coming back to hear and enjoy what we have to say.  To celebrate such an unprecedented milestone, I have made a photocollage of some of my favorite #EDAS moments. See how many of these faces you can guess. If you think you know your stuff, then put your money where your fingers are and shoot me an email @ with the subject #EDAS @ 500!  In order to be eligible, I ask that you  become a fan of EDAS on Facebook (if you aren't already) and send in your answers by May 27th, 2013. The fan who sends in the most correct answers will receive the first ever, one-of-a-kind, #EDAS Prize-Pack. 

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If you are new to the blog, feel free to rummage through the archives (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) for clues, but if you are up to date, sit back, relax and just get ready for the next 500. Thanks for reading!

Iggy Pop - Success

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