Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lelia Broussard's "Hipster Bitch": Making Fun of Hipsters Before It Was Cool

According to today's New York Post, "42 percent of American voters have an unfavorable opinion" of hipsters, "the bike-riding, vintage-clothes-wearing subculture...(that) soullessly appropriate cultural tropes from the past for their own ironic amusement."

Looks like the suspender-wearing, local-organic-lacto-ovo-pescetarians are taking it on the chin again. 

What gives? Slow news day? Lelia Broussard has been having a laugh at hipsters' expense for years with "Hipster Bitch," a song that (so far as I can tell) was written sometime pre-2007. Remember? Back before the recession hit and Britney opened the MTV Video Music Awards mid-breakdown? Oh, those halcyon days. 

Take a listen. In addition to crafting a near-perfect pop tune (and, to my knowledge, the only person to use “Fuckin’ Williamsburg,” in a song), Broussard has toured extensively with the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and Bess Rogers and competed on NBC’s The Voice last year. (She was booted after belting half of Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over,” during a sing-off. I thought she nailed it.)

Nevertheless, she’s a killer vocalist and a fine musician who proves that there are women singer/songwriters out there who can do more than ape Ani DiFranco or craft butt-hurt self-indulgent lyrics about bodies of water, tears, horses, pickup trucks and “Gowns shaped like pastries.” 

I’m looking at you, Taylor Swift.   
"Daisy Dukes must be back in style. She walks in, she walks up and owns the bar. Her and my former flame are the picture of lust, eyes lock, their bodies intertwine. They’re so, so inappropriate, baby. I can’t compete, I’ll never win."
I identify with the "Daisy Dukes" part. Nothing makes me feel sexier than throwing on a pair of Coochie Cutters on laundry day to finish up my housework. Traditionally, muddling through a day of Windex and Lemon Pledge isn’t the time when people find themselves at the apex of their sexual allure, but, in my experience, running the vacuum in booty shorts is me at the top of my game. 

In conjunction with EDAS’s 500th (remember to enter the contest) I thought I’d throw back to this old favorite of mine, an earworm that, years later, still holds up despite its is-it-isn’t-it novelty-ness. 

Take some time with Lelia, throw on your best Daisy Dukes, and find comfort in the fact that she was making fun of hipsters before it was cool. 

"It's so meta..."

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