Friday, March 12, 2010


Wow. It's hard to believe that I have already been 25 years old for 100 days, but its even harder that I have done anything 100 times since then, nevermind once a day, Every Day. To celebrate I'm going to kind of take the day easy, because quite frankly, I'm exhausted. Fear not because the lack literature will be supplanted by the most mind blowing of musical talents. Rahsaan Roland Kirk is by far my favorite Jazzman partially due to his blindness, but this by no means is a disability. His visual impairments must be what allows him be the innovator, outstanding performer and multi-instrumentalist he is. Capable of handling at least three saxophones, a flute, piccolo, nose flute, percussion, slide whistle, something called a Stritch and loads of other personally invented instruments in one song, if not SIMULTEANOUSLY. For my 100th day, I am putting up the single most unbelievable performance I have ever come across, Rahsaan Roland Kirk's One Ton from the Newport Jazz Festival 1968 (July 7th). Just play it... I wont have to explain anything. Then, only after you have listened to the recording, you should watch the bonus video included below if you curious to see how that audial insanity would look. Thanks for being here and helping me celebrate my brand new digit.

Song 100: Rahsaan Roland Kirk - One Ton (can't play the song?)

BONUS SONG: Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Say a Little Prayer


  1. Thanks for that post. I saw RRK in concert at a small Philly jazz club around 1975-76. The legendary Hilton Ruiz was his pianist. I forget who was on bass. Kirk had just had a stroke, he was blind, and he managed to play two saxes at the same time - and a flute with his nose!

  2. Wow that comment is great. Great song. Great artist. So fun to listen to.