Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Story of Busta Claus

This is the story of Christmas Eve 2005...

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the streets,
a Rolls Royce Phantom was blasting dope beats.
When all of a sudden, the passenger barked,
“Pull over a minute and put it in park.”
So the door opened up and guess who got out,
it was Busta Rhymes yo, and he was shinin’ no doubt.
Now just ‘round the corner were me and my blokes,
telling our stories and laughing at jokes,
when I spotted this car, it was one of a kind.
The rims were so iced out, I almost went blind.
But despite of the glare I remembered the voice,
“You know who that is?” I began to rejoice
that’s Busta Rhymes son, from the Flipmode Squad!"
We all crossed the street, calm, cool and collected,
so when we approached we would be well respected.
But me and my friends just stood there in shock,
that Busta Rhymes would just come chill on our block.
He was with an old friend just chatting it up.
Drinking some Purple Drank out of a cup.
So I made up a plan to pretend that I knew him,
I started my Pimp walk and I went over to him.
But before I could reach him, this bodyguard guy,
who was 300 pounds and seven feet high,
stepped in and said, “Hey man, Busta is busy,
but I’ll relay the message. What up? My name’s Izzy.”
So I said “Yo man, I just got back from Jamaica,
And it’s nuts to see Busta at the corner Bodega,
But they love him down there and he’s got mad supporters
Despite that his ancestry's only a quarter.
Basically that’s it, and I’m a really huge fan.”
So this guy said “Aight” and he put out his hand.
So I shook it and said “Bro thanks for your time.”
And he said “No problem, the pleasure was mine.”
Now this should be the end of the Busta Claus story,
but sadly not everything ends honky dory.
Less than six weeks later at a video shoot,
something went down a more sinister route.
Outside of the venue developed a crowd,
until security said there were no more allowed.
Then some people got mad and a fight soon began,
and some guns started shooting and everyone ran.
Before too long the whole place was up in some shit,
Busta Rhymes got out safe, but Izzy was hit.
Within a few minutes my buddy was dead,
And I read all about it on the World Wide Web.
Israel Ramirez, 29 years old.
I met him before but his blood now runs cold.
Black belt in karate and father of three,
And he only lived a few blocks away from me.
If we can just take a break to honor in silence,
Izzy Ramirez, killed by senseless violence.
Less than two months before he showed me some love,
and now he is up in the heavens above.
Now you can return from your sorrowful pause,
And that is the story of Old’ Busta Claus.
Copyright Matt Katz 2010

Israel Ramirez

If you are looking for more information of the shooting, click here, if you want to see Busta slay a kid at his old High School... click here.

Could it be just 2 more days until 100? You definitely don't want to miss Mañana....
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  1. RIP Israel Ramirez. Thanks for the rhyme/I read it on time.

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