Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ready Kids?

Desaparecidos would probably want nothing to do with Mount Rushmore. Back in 2001, they basically called today's recession of subprime swine-flu bailouts and governmental snorkeling scandals. The short lived Saddle Creek outfit from Omaha, Nebraska really hit the future over-indulgences of the post 9/11 era on the head. They raged against excess consumer consumption as well as the addition of franchises and towne centers to Everyville USA during their only record. Sometimes they are only known as Bright Eyes frontman, Conor Oberst's side project, but in my opinion, Read Music/Speak Spanish may be the best over-all album of the decade. A bunch of credit also goes out to Denver Dalley, who's raucous, superfuzzed guitar has helped me get through many an anger spell.  I was lucky enough to catch them at a marathon Saddle Creek showcase at Irving Plaza during High School and they banged so hard that they legitmately had the entire floor shaking. Someone put together a really powerful video just by adding some LIFE photos and adding a few of the lyrics, I hope you enjoy it. See ya Mañana. 

Song #99: Desaparecidos - Mañana

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