Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Action Bronson: Strictly 4 My Jeeps

Action Bronson is one of my favorite rappers out there today. Fresh off his stellar performance at Peter Rosenberg's XXL 2013 Freshman Show, he has released a new single that really shows off the strongest aspects of his multifaceted and lovable personality. 

This larger than life, red-bearded, Albanian Jew from Queens used to be a well respected chef but dropped the apron and picked up the mic. His good humor, dope vocab and penchant for big ladies got him a sweet deal from VICE Records and he has been all over the place lately. Usually getting signed means he will be stepping his game up from mixtapes like Rare Chandeliers and Blue Chips, to a potential big deal album drop. With an official release likely coming I'd like to see what Action Bronson can really cook up with the right ingredients.

Action Bronson - Strictly For My Jeeps

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