Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Country Way: Shovels and Rope's "O' Be Joyful." Opening for Dawes at T5 June 22nd.

Charleston, South Carolina's Shovels and Rope is my favorite band of last year (Le1f probably gives them a run for the money, but he's not really a "band" per se). Unfortunately, I missed my chance to see them at last summer's Nelsonville Music Festival, in the hills of southern Ohio. For that, this is my mea culpa. I am a dummy. 

I assumed, wrongfully, that the band's name meant they were some kind of Bauhaus-ripoff death-gaze acid-house metal rehash. I was wrong, learned my lesson, and now I am beyond excited to see them when they open for Dawes at Terminal 5 on June 22nd. (Highlights of last summer's Nelsonville fest included Andrew Bird, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Iron and Wine, Jordan O'Jordan and Dark Dark Dark -- but that's better saved for another post. Also Nelsonville 2013 happens to begin today with a great line-up, make sure to check it out, if you are in the area)

I didn't know anything about Shovels and Rope before I got to Nelsonville. The only time I'd heard of them was during a conversation I'd overheard between a 30-something father and his young daughter, still in a stroller.
"Where we going, Daddy?"
"We're going to go see Shovels and Rope. Can you say 'Shovels and Rope?'"
"Suvvels an Wope, Dad?"
"Yes, that's where we're going."
*Dad takes long drink of beer*
That taught me not to judge a band by its name, because most band names are stupid anyway. So, here's "O' Be Joyful," the only song I've ever heard that uses "That country way," as a euphemism for, uh, ladyparts. Also, this is my favorite live performance of the song, with the extra bonus that it was filmed at Electric Lady Studios. History!

Shovels and Rope - O' Be Joyful

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