Saturday, June 1, 2013

EDAS Exclusive Debut: Sal DeSiena's "Heart of Queens"

North a bit on beautiful Hudson resides the anomalous mind of friend, Sal DeSiena. After a little encouragement, he began recording assorted compositions, on his own, in his makeshift studio in Poughkeepsie. It has been a interesting to watch this young solo career progress and I am happy to see a Soundcloud with his name on it pop up recently. 

Sal has been a great friend to the blog since the beginning and today, on his birthday, I am happy to announce the debut of his newest composition, A Heart For Queens. I'm fairly certain that this one has not been posted anywhere else, so in honor of my compadre on his birthday, give it a listen. He has a great feel for those ambient ghostly sounds and has recently incorporated some great percussion skills into the mix. I look forward to seeing what grows from the musical seeds he is currently planting. 

Sal DeSiena - A Heart For Queens

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  1. Matt has been the main underlying factor in persuading me to put these compositions out, as well as an exceptional listener and supportive critic to whom I bounce my creative process off of. Which isn't the easiest, considering these compositions do tend to stray from the norm, conveying the unexplained abstract of my emotions, psyche and any forces that guide me. Thank you for the face time on your blog, good to see it going strong 500 posts and counting.